First Solid Foods

Since I turned 5 months old mom introduces me to another thing that is starting solid foods. She knows that I'm ready for solid food because I"m always watching her while eating with a mouth open. First solid she tried to give me was a rice cereal she said that is recommended for baby to be the first solid food to eat because of low risk of allergies.

My first reaction after she put the food inside my mouth was seconds of funny gestures unto my face while on the second serving I slowly chewed the food and the rest of the feedings was exciting. Lately she gives me variety food like potato and carrots. She boil it first then pureed it by a blender to ensure that I will not be choke while eating. We have also an infant canned food to be serve when she had no time to make a homemade one.
Now, my moms problem is that she doesn't know whether I'm full or not because I'm not refusing every serves she gives, I don't even turn my head nor close my mouth. I always open my mouth and cry for more ......
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  1. Hello Erika, you are a beautiful little girl, I have a little boy of 20 months now, and he started to eat solid food sinse he turned 8 weeks!! Now I never agreed with his mommey at the time, but today he is a healthy boy with an attitude. I hope and pray that when next they test your heart in October, it will be perfectly healed and normal.
    And with your mommy's permission I will give my boy your e mail address so he can mail you when you turn 16.
    Lots of love and get well soon.
    ps Tell mommy I said thanks for visiting my blogspot!

  2. Welcome Colin, I just read your email and I really appreciate it. Wow your son is really amazing to eat solid foods at 8 weeks , maybe he is a fast growing little man. Meanwhile, thinking our babies to have a communication after 16 years is really a cool idea.I'm in to it. I Just hope I will not forget about it because I will be on my middle fourties that time.

    Thank you for the hopes and prays.

  3. Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry"August 6, 2008 at 1:11 PM

    Just wait until she can give you pizza--then for sure you will want more!

  4. jh an Mickey MantleAugust 7, 2008 at 3:04 PM

    hello baby erika!
    yer on mi blog today! dere'z nuthin like a baby to make a blog look grate!
    i don't think i ever ate baby food becuz i'mma cat. dere ar catz, however, hoo luv babyfood. but doze catz ar usually old.

  5. Erika, I'm sure you must be looking forward to the car that your parents are going to get you when you turn 18. Oh well... who's interested about those gooey food anyway. :p

    Anyway, great looking photo you have there. Cheers!

  6. if I keep reading posts like these, I will one day capture the awe and amazement of women everywhere with my intimate knowledge of rearing a new born

  7. Graham Langdon, Thank you for coming and leaving a comment, I am honored and grateful of your visit

  8. Innovative blog...
    Its my first time to see such a blog...
    From a mother on her daughter's perspective...
    Hope she grows up a blogger herself.



  9. This is an interesting blog. I love the first person POV.